HRIS Software

Is your HRIS Software easy to use, comprehensive and have THE BEST Report Writer in the business?

Our HRIS Software was designed for maximum benefit from minimum effort. Our HRIS Software, HRA, mimics your exisiting HR procedures and processes and integrates with your daily HR activities effortlessly.

Our support is second to none, supported by our Head Office in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We support all of our clients in the US, Canada and overseas tied closely to our developers and support staff. You get personal attention from our own staff, not from a distant call centre.

We hear comments all the time like:

"HRA Professional is a stress-free, user-friendly HRIS Software program and the reporting feature is the best asset. At this time, I really can't suggest what would benefit the program because all our needs are being met. There are no outstanding issues because if something needs to be addressed, I call you immediately. The support service is outstanding! Marilena on many occasions you have gone beyond the call of duty. You have listened to my questions and given me answers that make sense. You're patient, knowledgeable and you always make me feel like I'm your most important customer. Thanks for making my job easier!" -Beverly. HR Generalist: B.C. Securities Commission

"Just wanted to say thank you and how impressed I am with the promptness of your responses whenever I have questions. Good customer service is hard to find these days and just wanted you to know that it is appreciated." -Diana R.: Industry Analyst, Philadelphia, PA

"I have found that anyone who uses HRA has no interest in hearing anything about any other HRIS System product." -Corey Smith: ADP Sales Rep, Vancouver, B.C. (while trying to convert HRA customers to ADP)

Would you like to have this type of experience?

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